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Legal Notes

These documents are here to help explain the legal aspects of the web site. They cover the relationship between you (the customer) and Hubb (Endis Ltd), and also the relationship between you (the site owner) and your site visitors and the responsibilities that exist for all parties.

The information contained in these pages is given as a guide only, and you should always read the full text of each agreement.

Your agreement with Hubb

Standard Terms Of Service: This sets out in full our agreement with you, and covers issues such as copyright, liability, ownership and termination.

Your agreement with web site users

Terms Of Use: These terms are agreed to by each user when they login to the web site for the first time, and must be agreed to in order to use the web site.

Privacy Policy: To comply with current UK legislation, your web site must contain a privacy policy to tell users how personal information is collected and used.

Acceptable Use Policy: This is the basis for your organisation's editorial policy. You can use this to define what is acceptable content (such as articles or forum posts) to be published on your web site.

Data Protection: This is a guide to current UK legislation and how it relates to your use of Hubb