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Church Email & Domain Hosting 


We are pleased to officially launch our email hosting platform to help churches get simple yet professional email hosting at an affordable price. This is yet another offering that allows you to have one provider for many of your church admin and communication functions.

We know that most churches like having their email addresses using their domain name. For example, for the website address can also have email addresses like or 

If you want to outsource your domain name management to us and have us take care of your email hosting, then read on!

Here is an overview of what we can offer: 

Church Email


Easy to set up, and manage

Church Email makes it as easy as possible to get going with your new email hosting. Our team walk you through the process, and we have easy to understand support guides.

We are driven by allowing churches to focus more on their mission, and we love taking care of the technical jobs, so you don't have to. Whether you are a member of the leadership, admin/operations or a helpful volunteer - we have experience of working with you.

Quickly add or remove users

Only pay for what you use. We don't want you wasting money, and we want you to have more money to fund your vision :)

It's easy to add and take away users with our easy to use dashboard. We also know that your time is precious, and we are happy to add/remove users for you.

You run your ministry, and we take care of the 'techy stuff'.

Email where you are

We keep you connected at home, work, in the church office - wherever you are

  • Webmail - Simple, intuitive and  reliable. Log in to your email account for any device

  • Mobile - Add your email to your iPhone or Android device

  • Contacts - Keep an address book of contacts

Cost Effective

Getting email on your domain can be expensive and complicated. With Church Mail, you pay for what you use at a low rate per user, and it's super easy.

Outsourcing your email hosting to us can save you time and money that you can invest in your ministry. There are no minimum contract terms, but once you sign up, we think you'll love what we have to offer :)


Basic: £2 per mailbox, per month

Space 8GB

Advanced: £3 per mailbox, per month

Space 8GB

Pro: £5 per mailbox, per month

Space 8GB

Upgrade any plan (all mailboxes on the domain) to 25GB of storage for just £2 per mailbox, per month

You can sign up at

Domain Names

Having your domain name registered and managed by technical experts is an excellent option for any church as we are here to support you and take care of the advanced world of domains, DNS and nameservers! 

We are happy to register or transfer your domain to us, and manage it, taking care of renewals and any changes to settings you need. 

To keep things simple for you, we bill every two years, and the payment is taken from the card or account you use for your monthly fee.

Our pricing for domain name registration, hosting and management are as follows:
Pricing,  - £14 per domain
.org, .com, .net  - £28 per domain
.church - £45 per domain

Costs are per year, and you will be invoiced every two years.